History comes alive with new college club

One way the History Club recreates history is through simulation games (Western Sun photo/Serena O'Sullivan).

One way the History Club recreates history is through simulation games (Western Sun photo/Serena O’Sullivan).

By Serena O’Sullivan/Western Sun executive editor

When History Club president Hannah Clark asked Golden West students who won the Civil War, the results were as divided as American opinions during the deadliest war in American history. About 65 percent of students cited “America” as the victor, while the rest either guessed correctly with “North” or incorrectly said “South.”

To Clark, this indicated a lack of fundamental understanding of historical events and their consequences. “It’s important to know the truth behind historical events,” she said. “Lots of times, people have different interpretations of what really happened.”

With the help of club adviser Sunshine McCain, the Golden West History Club applied for club status in fall of 2015 and finally became an official club in spring 2016. The History club is open to everyone: “Whether you’re going for a history degree or you just like history, I want to give students a place to go — this is a fun club to gain knowledge, have a good time, meet friends with similar interests, and learn where you came from.”

Despite its newness and budding membership, the History Club has hit the ground running with a season full of fun events, from a Sophocles show at the Getty Villa to a group attendance of the Renaissance Faire. Some club members are even thinking of making their own period-accurate costumes to wear to the fair, which is an outdoor event that brings the era of Shakespeare and Elizabethan villages to life.

To Clark, history is important because it is always being made, and it affects us today.

Sunshine McCain teaches Women’s History, World History, Modern US History from 1975-on, and Early US History. Of all the classes on her GWC resume, her favorite class to teach is Women’s History.

To Clark, history is reflected in the presidential debate. “You have more history than you are aware of.”

If you want to become more aware, the club meets each Friday at 2 p.m. in Admin 215.

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