CIELO links innovation with community needs

By Nathan Sanchez/Western Sun staff writer

CIELO is an organization based at Golden West College dedicated to helping members of the community gain the skills necessary to start their own business.  Not only do they help business owner’s to start a business but also they help individuals who lack skills that employers are looking for in an applicant.  CIELO stands for: Community for Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Opportunities.

The organization was started based on the non-profit Oak View Renewal Partnership that focused on helping members of the community start and maintain businesses.  “Oak View was all about helping the areas of Huntington Beach that were more poverty -tricken by giving them the skills and information they need to be successful,” said Sahari Franco CIELO’s Workforce & Micro-Enterprise Liaison.

Rather than only helping a small number of local individuals, CIELO’s mission is to give all members of the community the skills necessary to be successful in the working world.  From business startup to teaching employees valuable skills necessary to sustain a job CIELO is there ever step of the way.

The organization puts business owners in touch with any resources they might need such as lawyers, marketers and accountants.  Often times the companies will give CIELO members a startup discount in hopes that they will be loyal customers once they get off the ground.

“All of our services are free, we understand that a business isn’t going to grow overnight, but it is all about making moves and helping each individual complete their goals,” explained Franco.  CIELO has many connections that business owners can utilize to grow and maintain.

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