Career Fair scheduled for April 13 at GWC

By Serena O’Sullivan/Sun Executive Editor

Looking for a job? On April 13, Golden West College will be welcoming companies looking for new hires with all different sorts of skill sets.

Save the date: on Wednesday, April 13, Golden West College is hosting its annual Career Fair from 10 am, to 1 p.m.. At the Career Fair, students can explore a variety of companies with various job targets, from health care to law enforcement. Look for the student booth, grab a red goody bag, fill out a survey, and enter to win prizes. Students are also given free lunches at the career fair.

Companies from Chevron to State Farm Insurance are offering jobs in administration, education, customer service, financial services, business, and aquatics and recreation. These are only a few of the job targets offered at the career fair. There are also companies that specialize in beauty and personal care as well as mortgage lending and human services and elder care, for example.

To join the career fair, head over next Wednesday to the central quad, and come prepared. Students should bring copies of their resume and brush up on interviewing skills beforehand, as some employers will be interviewing on the spot. For practice interviewing, go to For resume help, visit the Career Center or call ahead and make an appointment.

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