“Big Fat Wedding 2” recalls the fun, charm

Nia Vardolis and Ian Miller are back – as it most of the original cast – in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2,” in which we find that the first wedding wasn’t quite legal enough.

Nia Vardolis and Ian Miller are back – as is most of the original cast – in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2,” in which we find that the first wedding wasn’t quite legal enough.

By Karla Betancourt/Western Sun staff writer

It’s the sequel of such a top-charting romantic comedy, in which the audience gets to see and possibly relate to a Greek family that all they ever want to do is find their daughter a “nice Greek boy.” Now, I don’t know about you but after watching that movie the only way I can ever read or say that phrase is with the old grandfather’s strong Greek accent.

newMovie review bug“My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” is a film in which family bond and love have never failed Nia Vardalos (Noula Portokalos), but does sometimes get a little too in the way now that she’s building her family with her husband John Corbett (Ian Miller), and their soon-to-be high school graduate daughter Elena Kampouris (Paris Miller).

While Vardalos is worrying about where her daughter is deciding to go to college and not leave her behind, her parents are outraging that after tremendous years of being married, they find out they were never officially married and so the wild journey begins.

Kampouris is preparing to graduate, but first has a prom to attend  – although she wasn’t planning to – while her family (more so her grandfather) is worrying about finding a Greek boy to marry her off to, just as he planned with her mother, except her mother married a non-Greek, who they end up loving either way.

On the other hand, Lainie Kazan (Maria Portokalos) and Michael Constantine (Gus Portokalos), Vardalos’s parents, are trying to get married but won’t do so until Constantine proposes to Kazan the right way. When she finally accepts, chaos breaks lose when the wedding planner gave up the extreme decisions, and Vardalos has to step in as always, while still take care and help out in the family business and, and maintain her family intact.

TWS Great bugWith all the planning that’s going on and every situation that Vardalos is facing, not to mention that she lives in the same street and next to all her family members, her marriage begins going through some bumps and her daughter just wants to live further away from all her family.

One night her father gets stuck in the bathtub and they have to call the ambulance. In those moments Vardalos realizes her family and self-worth, that she so long time questioned since high school.

The day of the wedding comes and Kazan questions her marriage to Constantine because she feels like he hasn’t grown up, after she sees him drunk with his brother and son. Eventually, she becomes convinced when Constantine’s brother speaks to her and explains to her how in love his brother has been with her after all those years, and so the marriage continues.

Although I have never seen the first of “My Greek Wedding,” watching the second film was enough to make me wish for the third movie. It’s a film that shows you that no matter how “crazy” or “wild” your family may be, there will never be anything better to support you or hold you when you need it.

This PG-13 film contains a bit of sexual language that’s tried to be hidden in a comedic form, but overall it’s a very family friendly film that has the audience laughing out of every bone in their body.

It not only teaches values about family, but also about valuing oneself. The audience sees this by the way Valardos goes from being the way she was in high school by being the “nerdy girl,” to finally being able to stick up for herself when she sees her daughter witnessing the way some school workers, and teachers treat her, and in that intense she sticks up for herself and her family.

Overall, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” is the sequel you wouldn’t want to miss. It made me want to gather my entire family for wedding, and just be as wild as the Portokalos’. It’s a heart-felt and funny bone tickling movie that could possibly even make you see it more than once.

A sequel to the successful “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” this comedy again stars Nia Vardolos, Michael Constantine and Lainie Kazan and a second matrimony. Rated PG-13.



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